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  • Technique to develop base and advance skills.
  • Fitness and conditioning to build speed and stamina.
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Learn defence, footwork and striking combinations in an environment that encourages respect and self-control.

Classes involve a warm-up, followed by a combination of punching and kicking to pads, where the emphasis is on technique. More advanced classes will involve high-intensity bag work with light continuous sparring drills. Protective equipment is required at all times when sparring.

We offer a friendly and relaxed environment where the goal is to train hard and have fun.

Mirko Nuotatore

Mirko Nuotatore

I was born in Italy and grew up in the city of Milano. As a teenager, I practiced kick boxing and body building, and changed to MMA when I moved to Australia in 2011.

I love helping people who are working towards a competition but also those who train for their own wellbeing.

I have a well-rounded approach to my classes and sessions, with an emphasis on practical and simplistic combinations in all aspects of martial arts.

Anthony Nyugen

Anthony Nyugen

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Australia when I was four years old. I have always participated in sport and martial arts. I have competed in a few amateur fights and studied in many disciplines as a fitness trainer. I specialise in strength and conditioning for Muay Thai athletes and working with weight loss clients.

I believe that the benefits of fitness are more than just weight loss and looking great. It’s about being better than you were yesterday and not comparing yourself against others.

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