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Flexing Bicep


  • Full body / minimal equipment.
  • Improve core strength, muscular endurance & balance.
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Are you ready for the ultimate, full body workout that simply uses your body weight and gravity for resistance? This class involves minimal use of equipment and will challenge your muscular endurance, co-ordination and balance. Build on a foundation of functional movements patterns while increasing your flexibility and muscle tone.

Emma Youngman

Emma Youngman

I'm born and bred British, and have been living in Australia for four years now. I gained my Personal Training qualifications here and have been working as a trainer for two years. I am also currently studying my Diploma in Remedial Massage. I specialise in calisthenics and mobility, and have a passion for improving people's ability to not only move well, but show them just what their bodies are capable of!

My philosophy in life and training is 'limitations only exist if you let them'.

Dasha Brandt

Dasha Brandt

I was born in Ukraine and grew up in Canada. As a child, I participated in ballet, soccer and gymnastics. I am currently training to compete in an amateur boxing fight, and aside from this a lot of my training is based around calesthenics.

I strongly believe in body movement, creating space in your body and being able to move easily, not just in the gym but every day life. Teaching people that it's not primarily about a six pack, it's your health that holds a bigger meaning.

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