Weight loss on the scales doesn’t necessarily mean size lost. There are many images shown in magazines and on various social media posts of people who weigh the same on the scales, but be totally different in terms of their actual clothing size and body measurements.

Why are we so focused on what the scales say then if you can stay the same weight and drop a clothing size? Social media and advertising have a lot to do with this. What most scales don’t tell you is what that total weight is made up of. Muscle tissue is much more dense than adipose tissue (body fat). This means that as you start to build muscle through regular physical activity and/or your body starts to use body fat as an energy source, your measurements will begin to decrease.

Women need not worry about turning into Arnold from weight training! The hormones that women have won’t allow you to be bulky and muscly from weight training. In fact, you will become smaller and leaner providing your nutrition is in check.

How do you go about losing size instead of just weight? A combination of regular physical activity (including resistance training) and good nutrition is a great start. Body composition can be measured in various ways but the easiest is by tape measurements. Book in for a free fitness assessment with one of our qualified trainers who can do these measurements for you and offer some personalised guidance to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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