In a world where time is a valuable commodity, we are seeing a significant increase in injuries happening both on the sport field and in the gym. The question stands should be we be warming up or are we even warming up sufficiently?

The body is made up of many complex structures so ensuring these are ready before your session begins will increase your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Your warmup should begin with a few minutes of an easy cardiovascular exercise like walking or light skipping. This gets your mind focused for the workout ahead, gradually increases the heart rate and gets oxygen moving to where it's needed in the body.

Following this, it's important to look at exercises that increase your range of motion. The more range your joints have, the more power or strength you will generate and the less likely you are to injure yourself. A selection of dynamic stretches or foam rolling (basically anything that is going to ensure as much range in your movements) is ideal.

Finally, include a couple of exercises to ensure that your muscles are firing correctly. Exercises that you may have been prescribed by a physio (think of the ones using a resistance band) or even some body weighted movements will wake the nervous system up. This part of the warm up increases strength and power in your workout, and ensures you are targeting the correct muscles.

Your warmup duration is relevant to the type of session you are about to perform. Athletes will spend a good 30 minutes warming up due to the duration and/or demand of what they are about to do. Your warmup might only be 5-10 minutes. Regardless, this is the way to prepare your body to perform efficiently and at its best.

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