The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When was the last time you changed up your training regime? As good as regular exercise is, if you are looking to continue to get results it's time to change up your routine.

Your body is extremely clever and after only a matter of weeks will find a way to adapt to whatever physical activity you're doing. That means results slow down or stop as you become more efficient at performing that particular activity.

The benefit of attending classes is that you'll get the opportunity to have a varied workout as your trainer will regularly switch it up, allowing you to build a range of skills over a long term period. What about trying a workout totally different to what you are currently doing for a couple of weeks and seeing what results you get? This is the type of change that will ensure that you continue to improve your fitness and get the results you are after.

If you're normally into cardio based classes, try a weights or strength based class. If you find you are a mix of both strength and cardio based classes, add some mobility or flexibility training into your workout. What will you do different to shake up your workouts and continue to see results?

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