Here is a great alternative to serve at your next party or for a light afternoon refreshment. Try mixing your own flavour combinations, or test the ones we have given here.


* Ice
* Sparkling mineral water
* Your choice of fruits and flavours

Combination 1: Orange (cut into slices), pineapple (remove skin), mango and passionfruit (remove from skin)

Combination 2: Strawberries (cut in halves), blueberries, lime (slices) and mint

Combination 3: Cucumber (cut into round slices), watermelon and basil


* Half fill a carafe or jug with ice. 
* Add your selection of cut fruit (leave the rind on) and top with sparkling mineral water. 
* Leave to sit in the fridge for an hour or more to get more flavour from the fruit.
* Stir before serving. 

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