When was the last time you changed up your training regime? As good as regular exercise is, if your results have slowed or stopped it might be time to look at some ways to shake up your training and get stronger. There are many elements of your training to focus on including strength, power, endurance, mobility and control. 

Here are some things you can include in your weekly regime to help improve various elements of your fitness:

1.  Get stronger:focus on tempo and slow the reps down. Particularly on the easier phase of the movement.

2.  Breathe easier:interval training is by far the best to improve cardiovascular health and burn more energy both during and after your workout. 

3.  Be more powerful:Explosive or fast movements encourage the fast twitch muscle fibres to activate. Include movements that require you to focus on moving fast (if possible with light resistance or load). 

4.  Reach further:Mobility is the ability to move with maximum range and control. It includes an element of flexibility. Include various forms of stretching and active recovery tools such as foam rolling. 

The key is consistency in your training to maintain the skills you have developed. Choose one element you would like to work on and add it once or twice during your training week. Once you have achieved the result you want, focus on another area. Eventually, you will look back and realise the huge difference that those extra elements have made. 

The benefit of including classes in your fitness regime is that you’ll have a varied workout as your trainer will regularly switch it up, allowing you to build a range of skills over a long term period of time. Participating in classes that follow an interval based format are likely to have you burning more calories both during and after your workout. 

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