Why you should work on your mobility.

It seems to be a word thrown around by trainers and health professionals, but what is it about mobility that is so important? Mobility basically means the range of motion that your joint has when it moves. Range of motion can be limited by many things including tight muscles or tendons, damage to structures within the joint such as cartilage, and nervous system response.

The more range of motion that you have, the more power and strength you have to perform a movement and the less likely you are to injure yourself. Often people get injured through performing a movement outside of their active range of motion and this is where the injuries happen.

The first thing is to identify what structures and joints are tight in your body. This can be assessed by a Personal Trainer or Allied Health Professional (Eg. Physiotherapist) through a basic movement test. Once the test is complete, you will be issued a series of exercises to perform on a regular basis.

Improving mobility is one thing, maintaining it is another. Regular foam rolling, trigger ball work, stretching or massage will help keep muscles limber. Performing a warmup and cool down as part of your workouts will help with maintaining mobility, and improving recovery and performance.

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