Physical activity plays an important role in balancing hormone levels and improving your mind’s wellbeing. After your workout, the body releases feel good hormones rewarding you for an effort well done. Your brain is also in a state at this point where it is more receptive to things. 

How do you feel after a great workout? Like you could conquer the world? Strong and fierce? When you verbalise those feelings, your subconscious receives that and affirms it. Over time your outlook becomes more positively geared due to this. 

Not only did you take a break from your work day, you also feel good and have more energy than you would have doing nothing. Those who are more positive in the workplace also influence others, making your workplace a more positive environment to be.

Anger and frustration can be dealt with in many ways, both positively and negatively. It’s not only highly rewarding to hit something to let those feelings out, you also get positive benefits for the mind. A good boxing or kick boxing session enables the release of anger or frustration in a safe, controlled environment.

Your mind will be taken off your work and into an activity that involves focus, discipline and respect. You will be constantly moving and thinking, that there wont be time to worry about work or life’s problems. The other benefit of boxing and kick boxing classes is making friends through partner and team work. 

Our boxing and kick boxing classes will give you a safe and friendly environment to work on your fitness, conditioning and stamina. After attending classes on a regular basis, you will develop a good technique base enabling you to advance your skills and train harder. There is a physical transformation that happens to through cross training in strength, power, endurance and agility. 

All of these skills impact on the mind and your perspective in a positive way. You will see things as possible, feel stronger and empowered, while being able to work better in a team environment through the respect and social aspect that boxing and kickboxing brings. 

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