The heart foundation statistics show that sedentary behaviour in adults is continuing to rise, with 12 million Australians in total with sedentary or low levels of exercise. This trend is increasing, and the other health concerns that come with it.

People who look after their health tend to have less sick days, less likely to get injured, are more productive at work and bring a positive and optimistic mindset to the team. The common belief is that keeping healthy is hard, expensive and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be.

Here’s our top tips to help you keep you healthy:

  1. Get active before, after or during your work day.It doesn’t have to be a gruelling two hour session at the gym. Something as simple as a brisk walk, some stretches or a few body weighted exercises most days of the week will help you meet the suggested physical activity requirements.
  2. Keep a water bottle at your desk. And, make sure you sip from it on a regular basis. Water helps your body and brain function, and aids in better digestion and mental focus.
  3. Stock healthy snacks.Have a few healthy snacks in your bag or drawer for when the 3 o’clock low rolls around. This will help you avoid the sweet snacks and keep your energy levels steady.
  4. Bring your lunch.Not only will this save you money but also help you resist the temptation to buy something you shouldn’t at lunch time. With the extra time you have saved, you could move around in your break too. 
  5. Buy in season.Fresh produce is cheapest when in season and usually from the source. Visiting farmers markets is a great way to save on your weekly shop
  6. Keep accountable with a buddy.You are more likely to stick to something if you are doing it with someone else. That day you don’t want to go, it’s likely you wont want to leave your buddy hanging.

Corporate training sessions are a great way for employers to invest in their employees health and well being. It also helps to build rapport amongst colleagues who likely will need to work together on various tasks and projects. Not only will your staff be more productive, but they will be enjoyable employees to work with and manage.

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