Life can be full on with many plates spinning, and this is usually when training and regular physical activity can be the first thing to take a backseat. Physical activity is a great means to deal with stress, improve self confidence and resilience, and sleep better.  

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) provides a great platform to help you deal with life with strength and confidence. Aside from the physical improvements that come as a result of regular BJJ classes, there are many hidden benefits.

The process of learning a technique requires discipline and resilience. The mental component of studying and practicing these drills is equally as challenging as the physical. If you quit or give up easily, you won’t learn and overcome. This is true for any goal or achievement in life. On the path to reach that goal, there will be times of frustration and times when you will nail it or wont. 

Stress will come, but it’s how we deal with it that is important. When you step onto the mats, everything else seems to be left behind. You will be forced to focus on the challenge in front of you and take in the instructions given by a master of their trade. In BJJ you will develop a mental strength to continue to push regardless. 

This strength and ability to deal with stress translates into other areas of your life outside of the gym as you practice these mind skills over and over, just like the techniques learnt in class. As you begin to master various techniques, so too will your self confidence grow and the ability to face and overcome your fears. 

Not sure where to start, what exercises to choose or how to perform them? Chat to one of our resident trainers and book in a session to have a personalised training program written and technique looked at.