We live in an instant world where anything can be completed, delivered or processed in a matter of seconds. The challenge with this concept in relation to health and fitness, is that the results are not long lived. Results come from consistent habits done over a long period of time.

When deciding how to achieve your health and fitness results, it's important to make changes that you can easily make and stick with for the long term (ideally the rest of your life). The little things become good habits and part of your daily routine. If you take an all or nothing approach and think short term, the results may come, however will not be sustainable as it's likely you had to do something extreme like crash diet or exercise for hours a day.

Before you decide to make something a regular routine or habit, ask yourself if you think you can do this for the rest of your life. If the answer is yes, this is great news! If it's a no, then think about what else you could do or break the habit into something even smaller.

It can be quite overwhelming when many changes are made all at once. Take time to list what changes you need to make (as above) and choose 3-5 of them to start today. Choose the ones that will have the biggest impact or are easiest to maintain long term. Every 1-2 weeks make 2-3 additional habits or changes.

One day you will look back and see how many small changes you have made to get results that are now just part of who you are.